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Without nitrogen


Instead of using liquid nitrogen, the G900 CRYO cools with electric compressors. This allows you to enjoy your whole-body cold therapy in clean air and with full freedom of vision and freedom of movement. Your entire body benefits 100% from the cold, not just in the lower extremities.

From private use to use in a practice to commercial use in studios and spas - the G900 CRYO adapts to your needs. Design the cold chamber according to your ideas with individual light colors.


The cold chamber for whole-body cold therapy


With whole-body cold therapy, the entire body is exposed to a very low temperature (at -110 ° C) for a short time (up to 3 minutes). This is supposed to cause reactions of the body to the cold, which are beneficial in the treatment of many diseases.


Whole body cold therapy can include are used for:


Medicine & pain therapy


• arthritis (rheumatoid, chronic in adolescence, reactive, RSA, spondylitis)

• Joint changes due to metabolic disorders – gout

• chronic cervical inflammation

• Painful shoulder stiffness

• Periarthritis of the tendons, joint capsules and muscles

• Fibromyalgia (rheumatoid diseases of the soft tissue)

• Dislocations and sprains of the joints

• Damage to the kneecap

• tendon and muscle strains

• Combat chronic and pathological pain

• Combating reflex and central muscle spasticity in the neurological rehabilitation process

• acute and old sports-related and post-operative injuries


as well as with wellness treatments


• in physically and mentally tired adults

• helps fight obesity and cellulite

• for regeneration of problem skin

• Anti-aging effect



Device dimensions and space requirements:


External dimensions: The room should meet the following conditions:

Electrical connection:


External dimensions:

The room should meet the following conditions:


Electrical connection:

Length:           1800 mm


Area at least 10 – 15 m²


230V +/- 10% 50-60Hz 32A C32 fuse

Width: 1200 mm


Height: 2400 mm

Room height:  at least 2,5 m


Nominal power 7 kW - after reaching the temperature Nominal power: 1kW